Ukemi Korner


Falls in Aikido

By Angel Alvarez, Shidoin, 5th Dan

Ukemi : "The safe way of Falling


The Art of Protecting the Body"

Ukemi and Longevity of your Aikido Practice and Longevity of Body and Mind.

Would you like to Improve your Aikido?

Or...Just as Important,Would You like to Enjoy your Practice a lot more than you are Now ?
Fine!, then

....Improve in your Ukemi!

Angel Alvarez

Send in your Requests, Questions or Descriptions of the problems you might feel you are having with your Ukemi!

Please provide me with the Following Information :

  1. ? Are you active practicing Aikido Now?

    ? The number of Hours you Practice Per week?

    ?How Long have you been Practicing?

    ? What is your Age ?

    ? Have any Injuries or have you had an Injury (such as your Back or Other Major Injury) in the Past that might prevent you from otherwise bending or Taking falls?

Please tell me anything that you feel can help me, help you best!

Please Note, There is no such thing as a stupid Question!

"To wa ichiji no haji, Towanu wa matsudai no haji"

To ask may be a moment's shame, but not to ask and remain ignorant is a lifelong shame

Thank You!

I will Try to answer your questions within a reasonable time. For now e-mail will be the only format to answer you!

Angel Alvarez

This Column is intended for the Improvement of Your Ukemi, and hopefully, provide anyone who is having problem with theirs Ukemi, with a little Help, that might just Keep practicing AIKIDO a little longer

...and Enjoying it!

The Author makes no claim that he is a fix all, or that his way is the only Way, but rather that his methods of Ukemi have helped teach others how to proctect themselves and have equally help him to Stay Healthy and Enjoying Aikido Practice for over 33 years.

The following Concepts will be discussed in Detail in Near Future!

Ukemi: Its Many Different Definitions.

Pivot Points:

Do I Need a Second Person to Learn Ukemi?

Whose Technique's is it anyway or Should I stay or should I go?

See you after your Next fall!

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