Christoph Stoebich

4rd Dan Aikikai and 3nd Dan Iaido

Christoph Stöbich already began in his youth with the study of Japanese martial arts. At the age of 15, he changed over permanently to AIKIDO and IAIDO.

The most important teachers for Christoph's study currently are : Tamura Nobuyoshi Shihan, Toshiro SUGA and Tiki SHEWAN.

Moreover, he has had the privilege of receiving instruction from the following Aikido teachers or Shihans: Mr. Pierre Chassang, Mr. Pascal Krieger (Jodo), Mr. Jaff RAJI, Shoji Nisho, Y. Yamada, S. Kanai, K. Chiba, S. Sugano, Osawa, Hosokawa, Steven Seagal, Seshiro Endo, Stefan Benedetti and many more qualified instructors.

In 1998 he designed together with Mr. Heinz Reiter the first multimedia AIKIDO CD-Rom with 153 digital videos of the techniques in AIKIDO. This CD-Rom is available in German and French. At the present time they are working on a new CD-Rom-Series ( for Aikido, Jo/Ken and Iai.

Christoph Stoebich has been general secretary of the Austrian Aikido Federation since 1994 and in 1998 he founded the United Dojo Association
with Heinz Reiter.

In 1998 he retired from his regular job in order to dedicate all his energy to the study of AIKIDO & IAIDO.

Christoph Stöbich also gave classes to units of the Austrian army (1993) as well as in public schools, for the Academy of Physiotherapy, at the
University in Linz and at various seminars.

Today Christoph Stöbich leads and teaches the Ryu Shin Kan - dojo group in upper-Austria and is member of the European Iai Federation.

His present addresses are:

Christoph Stoebich
Julius Raab Strasse 9/1
A - 4040 Linz / Austria
Tel.: +4369912551061


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