Karl Heinz Reiter

4. Dan Aikikai, 2. Dan Iaido F.E.I.

Vice Technical Director of the Austrian Aikido Federation

His first contact with martial arts was with Judo and Karate Semi- Contact. However, those activities were more in the nature of sports and he felt that there was something missing. By chance after a free training in Karate there was an Aikido class in the same Dojo. In observing the smooth but efficient and elegant movements of the praticioners, as well as the atmosphere and etiquette he felt that this approach was more in the spirit of their Budo.

So, in January 1984, Karl Heinz decided to start Aikido practice under the direction of Mr. Federico Bössmann in Meran (Italy). In the first month of his training he participated in a seminar with Guglielmo Masetti Sensei. After that he was convinced that Aikido was art he wished to study. Nonetheless, he didn't give up Judo, but simply trained with a different approach.

Later on he met and trained under the direction of Kawamukai Sensei who promoted him a few years later to 1st Dan.

In the meantime he moved to Vienna and learned with the young Aikido teacher Junichi Yoshida. After Yoshida left Austria for business reasons, Karl Heinz Reiter continued the Training with Fritz Kemler and Iwamoto Sensei. During that time he regularly travelled back to Italy to do Seminars with Kawamukai and Masetti.

In 1985 he first came into contact with Tamura sensei and Yamada Sensei in La colle sur Loupe in France. From that time on he always attended seminars with those Sensei.

The enormous field of work with weapons, Jo , Iaito and Bokken, was first shown to Karl Heinz by Daniel Leclerc from France, during a visit to Vienna in the mid-eighty's. After that experience he began intensively studying Jodo and Iaido. Iaido training on a regular basis began in 1990 during a Iaido Seminar with Jaff Raji. At this Seminar Toshiro Suga Sensei was teaching the Aikido classes.

This turned out to be a key point in Karl Heinz's approach to Aikido. From that time onwards and over the next few years a close friendship and student master relation was established with Suga Sensei. Further intensive work with Tiki Shewan Sensei and Jaff Raji were continued at the same time.

During his long-term stay 1989 and 1990 in England, Karl Heinz Reiter worked with Kanetsuka Sensei the Shioda-style Aikido and the Bokken work of Kashima Shin Ryu.

In 1991 he moved to San Francisco, USA, where he studied Aikido under the direction of Hideki Shiohira Sensei, a student of Tohei Koichi Shihan.

Back in Europe he attended numerous Seminars with masters like Tamura Sensei, Nishio Sensei, Tada Sensei, Tohei Sensei, Shioda Sensei, Kanai Sensei, Shibata Sensei, Fujimoto Sensei, Pellerin Sensei, Pascal Krieger Sensei (Jodo) and Tiki Shewan Sensei (Iaido and Aikido).

1993 with the assistance of Toshiro Suga Sensei he established the Shobukan Dojo in Vienna, "The House of respect and development of Martial Art".

The Aikido and Iaido of Karl Heinz has been mostly influenced by Tamura Shihan, Suga Sensei, Shewan Sensei, Krieger Sensei and Jaff Raji sensei and still he doesn't hesitate to travel thousands of kilometres to learn from those great Sensei.

In 1999 he co-produced, with his friend and Aikido teacher from Linz, Christoph Stöbich, a CD Rom about Aikido with over a hundred interactive Videos sequences, showing the basics from the first step onto the mat up to and including the knowlege one should have at first Dan level.

 In 1998 he was promoted to 4. Dan Aikikai by Tamura Shihan and in 1999 to 2. Dan Iaido European Iaido Federation by Shewan Sensei.

Today Karl Heinz Reiter gives classes at two Dojos in Vienna and at the Lycée Francais.

He regularly gives seminars in Austria, Italy, Hungary, Germany, Turkey and France.

He also teaches bodywork with budo-mind to leading managers at "Kapsch", one of the biggest electronic Companies in Austria.

Karl-Heinz' Home Dojo is :


Dojo für Aikido, Kenjutsu & Iaido

Fasangartensiedlung 3/3

A-1130 Wien, Austria

Tel & Fax ++43 1 8135931

E-Mail : reiter.shobukan@t0.or.at


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