Pascal F. Krieger

Born 9 April 1945 at La Tour de Peilz, Switzerland

1955 Religious studies by the "White Fathers" in St Maurice, Switzerland.

1960 Starts apprenticeship in the field of typography/printing in Montreux, Switzerland.

1963 Starts judo in the Montreux Judo Club.

1966 Moves to Geneva Switzerland.

1968 Gets his first dan in Judo and leaves for Japan by boat (around Africa).

1969 Arrives in Tokyo and begins his judo training at Kodokan and Meiji University.

1969 Meets Donn F. Draeger who introduces him to Shimizu Takaji for his first lesson in Jodo.

1969 Meets Kuroda Ichitaro and starts Iaido and Shodo (calligraphy) with him.

1971 Returns to Switzerland with a 2nd dan in Judo, 1st dan in jodo, 1st dan in Iaido and 1st dan in shodo.

1971 After starting a jo and iai group in Geneva, leaves for Chicago (USA) to help Donn F. Draeger to set up a martial arts magazine there (Judo Illustrated).

1972 Leaves the States for Hong Kong to continue helping Donn F. Draeger to promote a new magazine: Martial arts international.

1972 The first oil crisis drowns the project. Returns to Japan and continues his training in judo, jodo, iaido and shodo. He helps Draeger to set up the first three issues of Martial arts international, printed in Malaysia. But the costs increase and the whole thing is scrapped. Continues to help Draeger in illustrating and laying out several of his books.

1976 Returns to Geneva, Switzerland, with a 3rd dan in judo, a 3rd dan in jodo, a 3rd dan in iaido, a 3rd dan in shodo.

1977 Founds the Swiss Jodo Association and the Swiss Iai Association.

1978 Meets Malcolm T. Shewan with whom he starts training iai and kenjutsu.

1979 Founds the European Jodo Federation.

1979 Helps Draeger and Karunakaran teach at the 1st International Jodo Jamboree in Malaysia

1980 Is the main organizer of the coming to Europe of Otake Risuke of the Tenshin Shoden Katori Shinto Ryu, Donn F.Draeger and Kaminoda Tsunemori of the Shindo Muso Ryu. This event boosted Jo and Iai throughout the continent.

1982 Teaches at the 2nd International Jodo Jamboree in Malaysia.

1985 Helps Malcolm T. Shewan to re-invigorate the European Iai Federation.

1985 Goes back to Japan to learn Kusarigamajutsu with Kaminoda Tsunemori. Teaches at the 3rd International Jodo Jamboree in Malaysia.

1988 Organizes the 4th International Jodo Jamboree in Switzerland.

1989 Publishes, after 4 years of work, his jodo book, bilingual English/French, 500 pages 2000 photos and 2000 drawings " Jodo,The way of the Stick"

1989 Starts to put together the IJF Newsletter for international Jodo members.

1991 Teaches at the 5th International Jodo Jamboree in Malaysia.

1994 Teaches at the 6th International Jodo Jamboree in Hawaii and meets Nishioka Tsuneo with whom he starts practising regularly.

1995 Invites Nishioka Tsuneo to Europe for one month.

1996 Invites Nishioka Tsuneo to Geneva for one month.

1997 Teaches at the 7th International Jodo Jamboree in Sydney, Australia.

Present address: 14 rue du Leman, 1201 Geneve Tel/Fax: +41 22 731 76 37

P. Krieger teaches at the SDK Budo, Geneva, Cayla section, 66, rue Liotard, 1203 Geneva.


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